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How to Clean Indoor/Outdoor Rugs: Simple Tips

Spring is right around the corner and so are all the cookouts, barbecues, and outdoor gatherings that come with it. If you want your outdoor spaces seen at their best, now is the time to learn how to clean indoor/outdoor rugs. Luckily, these durable elements of décor are made to be low-maintenance and withstand the elements. With this simple process, it’s easy to keep your deck or patio looking pristine!

Cleaning Outdoor Rugs the Easy Way

Typically made with durable, stain resistant polypropylene, indoor/outdoor rugs are made to get messy. Thanks to their tough materials and flatweave construction, it’s very easy to clean outdoor rugs.

In cases of light dirt, you can freshen up your rug with a simple rinse from the garden hose.

Outdoor Botanical Collection rug

To dry the rug, you can simply leave it where it is! Dry time will depend upon how sunny and warm the spot it’s left in is.

To speed up the process, you can try hanging the rug over a railing or sturdy chair. This will also promote airflow, which reduces the chance of mildew growing.

Any folds or creases left after drying will eventually settle out in the sun.

How to Clean Indoor/Outdoor Rugs with Tougher Stains

Sometimes, the mess is a little tougher. If your indoor/outdoor rug has gone some time between cleanings, chances are a simple hose-down won’t cut it.

But even in the case of mildew, thoroughly ground-in dirt, and other difficult stains, the process is still easy.

Mix a small amount of dish detergent or soap in a bucket with water.

After you have rinsed the rug, apply the soap and water to the rug with a soft-bristled brush.

Dry in the sun, as described above.

Tips for New Outdoor Rug Owners

If your outdoor rug is brand new, there’s no need to clean it. Just roll it out, and enjoy! For general care, many of the same tips we give new owners of other rugs still apply here.

Occasionally, brand new rugs will arrive with folds or creases from shipping. This is normal, and they should settle out after a few days in the sun.

If you want to speed up the settling process, Try this.

First, try reverse-rolling the ends. Simply fold back and roll the ends and corners of the rug in the opposite direction from the curl.

Then, you can hold down the corners of the rug with heavy objects.

Finally, walking on and using your rug will help the fibers relax and settle flat!

Cleaning Other Types of Rugs

For other types of rugs, especially those with pile, the process will be more involved. Still, most rugs and types of stains are still easy to clean at home.

Generally, if you vacuum your rug regularly and treat spills quickly, your rug should still look great for years to come!

If you’re still shopping for a new rug, or your old one has finally come to a point where it needs to be replaced, you’re in luck! With everyday low prices and thousands of rugs in stock, Rugs.com makes it easy to find the perfect rug for your deck or patio.

Armed with these tips, you’ll know how to squeeze even more life out of your brand-new outdoor rug.

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