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Hand-Braided Rugs

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Braided Rugs

A distinctly American style, braided rugs trace their history to the early days of European colonization in the New World. Without large looms or flocks of sheep to produce wool, the settlers had to develop new techniques to create their floor coverings. Adapting the techniques of Native American tribes, colonists would braid together straw or scraps of clothing and other excess materials to create the iconic oval rugs that are still common across the country.

Today, braided jute rugs are a popular choice for people looking for a rustic style in their home. These natural rugs are known for their soothing, earthy colors and easy maintenance. They work just as well outdoors and indoors, making them just as good a choice for patios and entryways as they are for living rooms.

Braided rugs have also become popular in India as part of the chindi practice. Braided chindi rugs, also known as rag rugs, are typically made from scraps of worn out clothing and other household textiles. The result is an ultra-soft cotton floor covering in a bright cacophony of colors. Perfect for kids' rooms or funkier aesthetics, chindi rugs brighten and bring joy to any room they are in.

Rugs.com has thousands of braided rugs for sale. Whether you are looking for a colorful chindi rug or a more subdued braided jute rug for a rustic aesthetic, we have a rug for you. Browse our collection to find the perfect braided rug for your home.


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